Caroline Sury

Peintre, graphiste, dessinatrice de bandes dessinées, illustratrice de presse –  libération, Le Monde, Marseille l’Hebdo – on connait Caroline Sury pour son graphisme râpeux, ses pelotes de traits tombées entre les pattes d’un chat furieux : voir ses Vagina mushrooms (collectif feminin dessalés, ed. Le dernier cri)
Ses dessins paraissent régulièrement dans différentes structures – L’Association (FR), Les requins marteaux (FR), Strappazin (CH), Fantagraphic (USA), Buenaventurapress (USA), etc…
Elle est aussi co-fondatrice des éditions Le dernier cri basées à Marseille depuis 1995.

Sury, who edits the women-only anthology Vagina Mushroom, is an art-school trained illustrator whose aesthetic preferences run distinctly to the visionary. With a strong interest in art brut, her work is direct, unmediated, and highly personal. It is an aggressive, even disturbing, point of view, that many will consider ugly, even horrifying. It is also incredibly sophisticated, cutting, and insightful. Sury is the type of cartoonist that would be considered a naive genius if everyone didn’t know just how smart she really is.
She says things that aren’t talked about in polite company, and she says them in a way that is both highly personal and totally uncompromising.
Extrait de Comix reporter